Edmond Roof Repair

We are proud to be our community’s first choice for Edmond roof repair. But beyond that, Solid Roofing is Northeastern Oklahoma’s go to contractor for residential, commercial and new roof construction.

It is important to determine why you need roofing repairs. A loss that is the result of hail, wind or storm damage will generally be covered by your homeowner’s policy. However, repairs that result from natural aging of your roof are typically not covered by insurance.


Hail Damage Repair


Hail Damage Repair

To be certain, hail damage can be difficult to assess. This is because hail damage is not always obvious to the untrained observer. In fact, it is not uncommon for insurance adjusters to mistake hail damage for other types of roof damage. Frustratingly, assessment mistakes such as this often result in denial of legitimate claims. Fortunately, Solid roofing of Edmond began as an insurance adjuster. Our years of experience make us Northeastern Oklahoma’s most reliable source for hail damage assessment.

Storm and Wind Damage Repair

When storms rage and strong winds blow, our roofs take the brunt of the punishment. The result is often a roof in need of repair. At Solid Roofing, our construction crew will work with you and your insurer to restore your roof after the storm.

Roofing Repairs That Arise from Poor Workmanship

If you need roof repairs due to poor workmanship, the repair may be covered by the roofing companies workmanship guarantee. Without exception, the best roofers will offer a ten year workmanship guarantee. And so, it is important to find roofing professionals that will do the same.

Should I Repair or Replace my Old Roof?

Certainly, roofs that are more than 25 years old are nearing the end of their usefulness. If your roof is approaching this point, it is time to consider replacing it. However, newer roofs that have incurred damage are most often repairable. That’s why it is important to get a free assessment from experienced roofing professional. An honest evaluation of your roofs condition could potentially save you a great deal of money.

If you are in need of roofing repairs, contact Solid Roofing now.